Energy Solutions
for the Hospitality Industry
Decreasing dependence on the Utility Grid
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Hospitality Energy is the leading developer of solar and CHP installations for the hospitality industry.

At Hospitality Energy we look at solar and CHP options to maximize energy savings at the lowest cost. We work with various state, private, and public entities to take advantage of financial incentives nationwide. We also offer Energy Management Systems (EMS) with programmable thermostats to reduce heating and cooling the guest-room.

& Power

Up to

60% more efficient.

By installing the electric & heating power source on-site, transmission energy losses from large centralized energy plants are greatly reduced, resulting in significant cost savings for your facility. CHP systems can achieve up to 80% efficiency, compared to 50% efficiency of traditional power systems. CHP systems provide:

-  Substantial energy cost savings
-  System reliability and efficiency
-  Fast return on investment
-  Independence from rising energy prices
-  Highest environmental standards

At Hospitality Energy, we specialize in
Efficient Energy Systems


At Hospitality Energy, we partner with teams of highly skilled professionals to select and install custom energy management systems. We work with the nation’s leading vendors and installers of solar energy systems. Our installation partner Sunshine Solar is rated among the 2020 Top 20 Solar Installers in the U.S. serving all 50 states for energy system installations of all types and sizes.

Our Solar Process

1.  Source the highest quality solar panels
2.  Select the optimal panel rack mounting system
3.  Manage installation of the integrated solar energy system

Recent Projects

Albuquerque, NM Hampton Inn
Albuquerque, NM Hampton Inn & Suites
Atlanta, GA Comfort Inn & Suites
Atlanta, GA Staybridge Suites
Auburn, AL Hampton Inn
Charlotte, NC Hampton Inn & Suites
Columbia, SC Hampton Inn & Suites
Fresno, CA Hampton Inn
Marietta, GA Comfort Inn & Suites
Raleigh, NC Comfort Inn & Suites
Salt Lake City, UT Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Tooele, UT Holiday Inn Express & Suites


We specialize in finding and utilizing Federal, State and local incentives so that all solar panel & EMS installations have quick paybacks to generate substantial cash flow. We offer financing solutions for most projects. Our most common solutions include:


Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

100% financing over 20 years


Power Purchase Agreement

100% financing; pay reduced rates for only for actual energy usage.


USDA Rural Energy for America Program

Up to 80% financing over 15 years; suited for businesses located in small cities.

Traditional Financing

100% financing over 5-7 years

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